My Teaching Philosophy


      Education is my chosen career path, and I believe it’s a great privilege. I feel so grateful for the ability to work with students and to teach the next generation of thought and practice leaders. I also work with teachers, helping them build new education strategies. By doing this, I know that my work will have an impact on so many college students, even the ones I don’t teach personally.
      I believe in personalized learning. I also think there are no dull subjects. Therefore, I do my best to make the learning process interesting for everyone, to encourage exploration and research, and to teach students to apply this knowledge not only in college but also in business and everyday life. 

      You do not study mathematics because it helps you build a bridge. You study mathematics because it is the poetry of the universe. Its beauty transcends mere things.

      A collaborative class structure and culture

      In all classes, including very large lecture halls, I begin this semester by having students meet classmates and work together to answer some questions related to basic knowledge. This collaborative approach continues throughout the semester, with many opportunities for peer education and work in small groups.

      A dialogue between students and teacher

      I consider that productive teaching is based on a dialogue between students and teachers, not on the traditional one-way flow of content from teacher to students. I need to determine the acquired student's knowledge and where they are stuck before we continue the course.


      The incorporation of teaching strategies that give students more responsibility

      I have incorporated some elements of “flipping the classroom” into my classes such as pre-reading assignments, in which students read assigned sections of the textbook and/or other resources prior to coming to class where they complete a short quiz.

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